Processing the Shingle

This is how we process roofing shingles into 3/8 minus TxDOT approved RAS.  We have no trash, screen for nails and metals and test for asbestos.  If quality matters give us a visit.


Atascosa Recycling


Economic & Environmental Benefits

Our processed recycled asphalt shingle (RAS) has a recoverable asphalt binder content between 19-19.5% potentially yielding 400 lbs of binder per ton of shingle waste.   For example,  the average 2000 sf roof may have 800 lbs of asphalt binder.  This material is valuable and should be recovered. 



Recycled Asphalt Shingles

Nationwide we generate almost 11 million tons of tear-off asphalt shingle waste per year.  While some of it gets recycled the vast majority will end up in the local landfill or illegally dumped.  Is this the direction that we want to go? Atascosa Recycling  was founded on the principles of having a positive environmental impact.